‘Magical’ super-rare white deer spotted bolting through UK field with mum

Impressive photos show an all-white deer bolting through a field in the UK – with the photographer branding it a “magical” experience.

The albino animal was spotted running through fields with what appears to be its brown coloured mother.

The images were captured by Christine Crook on the border Oxfordshire and Berkshire.

Christine said her brother had seen the deer a few days prior and so she drove out to see if she could spot it too.

She described the deer as “absolutely beautiful” and a “such a lovely sight to see”.

She said: “It was magical. I have always heard about them and how rare they are but to see one was wonderful.

“It was a moment I will tick off my bucket list. I have never seen a white deer before, it was rather special.”

The British Deer Society states that most white deer are usually fallow, a species that is widely distributed across much of the UK and for which white is a recognised colour variety.

However, white fallow are not seen as often as the other three main colour types of common, menil and black.

The society adds that white colourations have also been noted in other deer species in the UK.

True albino deer have also been recorded but their sightings are extremely rare.